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THE INTRIGUE Wrath of Alchemists is a short visual novel for children. The player befriends 5 other kids on a school trip to a secluded alchemical museum. Upon arriving the supposedly accessible education center is revealed to be an old, run-down and even dangerous castle. Its “Director” is a rude and secretive man with sinister past. Also, certain exhibits look almost too real and like they’ve been recently used in far more complex activities than dusting… Strange occurrings, including the disappearance of everyone’s favorite geography teacher and his faithful dog Rex, put the the player on the trail of a malevolent plot. Collaborating with companions, each with different skills and talents, the player should better prepare well before facing… Wrath of The Alchemists! . .
PROJECT CONCEPTION Dreamgrit made Wrath in 2014 for the Polish foundation Fundacja Aktywizacja as part of a larger project that included workshops for grade schoolers. The goal was to provide a virtual decision-making platform helping kids understand challenges experienced by their colleagues with different types of disabilities. Throughout the game the player is faced with dilemmas how to behave in certain true-to-life situations concerning characters in the game. INSPIRATIONS The storyline is pure whimsical fiction – inspired by the history of alchemy, Harry Potter, Scooby Doo and novels by Adam Bahdaj. The setting also owes a lot of its character to Orson Welles whose larger-than-life persona shaped the game’s central character of The Director. The game was put together with the free interactive fiction tool TWINE.

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Designed and coded by: Igor Hardy & Alex van der Wijst Soundtrack by: Thomas Regin (& friends) .

Snakes of Avalon is a humorous point & click adventure game about futility and drinking. It mixes the style and atmosphere of Hitchcock suspense thrillers with trippy cartoon phantasmagoria. Some say it's also an irreverent satire on human weakness. In the funky 70s Snakes of Avalon went highly recommended by the likes of PC Gamer, Rock Paper Shotgun and Gamezebo. Recently it was once again uncovered from the dust for the Gamejolt showcase at GDC 2016.
. “Australia has a lot of snakes. Avalon apparently has more. The pitch-perfect humour and blatant popular media references alone make this a must-play, not to mention the spectacular atmosphere!” Kotaku .
"Most games get a recommendation based on the way they play, but Snakes of Avalon is worth experiencing simply for the world it presents. It’s weird and dark and may just contain a deep, hidden message." . Gamezebo . . .
. . . . . “There’s a sense of dread permeating throughout Snakes. The dirty bar, the dangerous patrons, and the sleazy music all make you uneasy enough, but then the game’s surreal sense of humor and reality challenging plot instill you with a sense of straight up dread. [...] Something evil is happening in Snakes, and you’re not completely certain that it’s from our world.” WingDamage.com .
. "There’s a certain feature in games that I don’t believe has been fully explored to date which is main characters that go out of control, and it is fully enforced in Snakes Of Avalon. Jack is feeble and unpredictable." Slightly Deranged .
“A thread of magic realism penetrates the internal logic of the game in a way that makes everything that happens to Jack still seem human-size and understandable. All in all, the game is a helter-skelter collage of events and occurrences that ultimately render its otherwise tragic protagonist a sympathetic – and quite a bit heroic – figure” The Slowdown .
Who are we? Dreamgrit is an indie game studio with modest means, but BIG dreams! Quite a WHOLE heart too! When we create something, we mean it! We revel in narrative experimentation, punk aesthetics and improv mechanics. We try to keep a healthy dose of simplicity to our creative work. Protects the mind from fluff. That's also why we make games with simple tools by small teams. You'd like to question our oxymoronic nature directly!? Then Try us! Our games are above and our wits are here . .
Who am I?
  • I'm the creator of Snakes of Avalon and Wrath of Alchemists (and a few games I'm not as proud of)
  • I'm a great admirer (and cultist) of the improv theatre art form, member of the Polish improv group "Bez Wahania"
  • I've worked on translations, ports, voice-overs, promotional materials for many indie game titles
  • I've been an outspoken runner/propagator of adventure games, indies and off-beat pap in my old A Hardy Developer's Journal, as well as other media outlets
  • I'm a bald guy with an affection for skulls and skull-imagery that has its roots in early childhood.
Igor Hardy
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